February 17, 2012


...I see the remains of once sumptuous gowns,
trailing their wet hems over slipper-like steps that
rise and fall under tides
to the suck and slap of canal water...

'Nothing in the world that you have heard about Venice equals the magnificence and wonderful reality...that exceeds the most extravagant dream; the wildest visions of The Arabian Nights are nothing to the Piazza San Marco, and the first impression of the inside of the church...opium couldn't build such a place, and enchantment couldn't shadow it forth in vision...I've never before visited a place that I am afraid to describe.'  ~Charles Dickens 1844


Bruno said...

Ciao signora Edna, che un posto bellissimo!

SvO said...

Ahhhhhhhh, Venice, Carnevale and fritoleri=heaven
ciao-meow, amici!

frenchtoast said...

February in Venice means so much more than candy hearts and boxed chocolates. February in Venice means indulgence, revelry, and lavishness, complete with fancy disguises. It means…“Carnevale”.

Enchanting post, thank you.

Charles said...

“It has been said more than once that the Square of St. Mark's is-now brace yourself for the first cliché- the drawing room of Europe. And indeed it is, but then Venice itself is perhaps the most beautiful cliché on earth. –Gore Vidal

Charmed as always.

Baldur said...

Streets flooded.
Please advise.
-Robert Benchley (telegram from Venice to his editor)


Mona said...

“… I bought a long sword, and with my handsome cane in hand, a trim hat with a black cockade, with my hair cut in side whiskers and a long false pigtail, I set forth to impress the whole city.” –Casanova

Encantador,muchos besos