February 22, 2012

Charge It, Please!

Eloise, the mischievous six-year-old who lived at the Plaza Hotel in Kay Thompson's fiction, routinely challenged the imagination of room service.

Would you believe that today's requests can be even more demanding than Eloise's?  I’ve checked out several hotels around the world to see how far they are willing to go to satisfy the desires of guests.
"In our vocabulary, there is no 'no,' " said the general manager of the Beverly Hills Hotel, famous for pampering celebrities. One night the hotel received an urgent call from a regular client on the East Coast who had a craving to celebrate his birthday with cracked crab served exactly as it is in the hotel's famed Polo Lounge-and by a hotel waiter, no less. By midnight, that waiter was on the red-eye to New York with a delivery of cracked crab for twelve.

Over at Claridge's, in London, the head concierge was asked to produce a pair of flamingos for a Middle Eastern king. The gentleman wanted them shipped to his palace back home posthaste. Did the hotel employee roll his eyes and moan, "Where am I going to get flamingos?" No. He got them tout de suite. "We assumed he wanted them for his zoo," says Claridge's spokesperson matter-of-factly.

The Paris Ritz caters to those who like to travel light. The hotel will store your wardrobe and personal items, which will magically appear in your room-every thing from furs and teddy bears to your favorite sheets and pillows.

No demands are too onerous for the Plaza Athenee in New York. When a couple said they would be arriving with a third person but wanted to stay in their usual one-bedroom suite, the hotel responded by knocking down a wall, putting in a door, and adding a second bedroom!

Eloise drawings by Hilary Knight
All this sounds terrific, but, like Eloise, I have a few requests of my own.
I have always wanted to order a real "milk bath" from room service (it might be wasteful to see all that vitamin D go down the drain, but I hear they're so. . . soothing).
And I would like a string quartet dressed in tuxedos to play Mozart on the beach at sunset while I swim.
And can I get the chef of my favorite hotel in France to cook for me one weekend-in Los Angeles?
And...charge it, please! ﭢ    


Mona said...

Ms. Edna,
This was the book I learned to read on when I was three. I appreciate YOUR appreciation of it. It brings back the best memories of a not so simple childhood!


frenchtoast said...

I am Eloise. I am a "feral" six year old. I am a city child. I live at the...

Reminds me of myself!

'lil Bro said...

“I break my heart to please...Eloiiiiiiiiiiise.”


Alan said...

'ell yes!

Eloise said...

I am Eloise. I am six.
I am a privileged semi orphan. I live at the Plaza.
Every day I make several calls on the House Phone. Then I have to stop by the Mail Desk to see if there are any other places in the Plaza that need to be superfluously capitalized.
My mother spends every second Tuesday of the month from 4:30 to 5:00 in the Plaza Hotel Owner's private office.
Nanny is my keeper. She is my constant companion.
I have a dog called Weenie and a turtle called Skipperdee.
First thing I have to when I wake up is braid Skipperdee's ears. Otherwise no one will recognize my quirkiness.
I have two dolls. Their names are Sabine and Saylor.
Sabine is a chew toy that came from the store for over indulged poodles one Christmas Eve when Nanny realized she'd forgotten to do my Christmas shopping. Saylor is a large baby doll with no arms. Saylor comes from FAO Schwartz's Lindbergh baby line. Sabine and Saylor have to have a teaspoon of water every hour and a suppository every half hour so you see they are a lot of work.

I refuse to go to school so my tutor is Philip. He goes to Andover. He says, "Good morning, Eloise," and I say, "Good morning, Eloise.,” and he screams, "NANNY!" and I scream, "NANNY!" and Nanny calls room service and orders three of everything. Ooooooooooo I love aggravating pseudo intellects I do.

Karen said...

I have never come across these before, thanks for sharing them. They seem so fun and full of energy.

Clarice said...

Oh! This is so funny!! I love it ;-)
Whenever you write about such interesting little things ... I love it!
Thanks for sharing those details with us!
Eloise is one of my favorites! Thank you for a lovely Wed.evening reading you’re always up to some sort of fun!

Charles said...

I have to say Eloise was never my childhood reading, and I think this might be a good thing! I'll stick with Hairy Maclairy if I ever have kids... :D

Ms. Edna (squared) said...

Snarky, Charles.

Anonymous said...

Farewell pleasures of the flesh?
You're attitude has been noticed. Oh yes, it's been noticed.