October 19, 2012

Noted, twice:

“I had the impression you are a gay male. However, notwithstanding that …”

“I had no idea you're a woman. Well...”

After learning that cases of mistaken identity abound on the Internet as evidenced by the above comments to me, friends, and fellow bloggers, I thought, perhaps, a bit of clarification is in order.

My avatar is female which I mistakenly thought would settle the matter of gender once and for all. If it should even matter, which au fond it does not. Yet, it would appear that I'm being perceived as man. Perhaps, it is my queenly writing style that is leaving readers mystified.

For the digital record, I am of the female persuasion, who is just the least bit flattered by the confusion, since I openly admit to an obsession for trousers on me and on men (hetero and otherwise).  It is my hope that this revelation, which has been in some doubt, will not offend, alienate, torment or anguish any and all.


frenchtoast said...

"Au reste, après nous, le Déluge"

I had the impression... said...

I am just pleased you weren’t offended otherwise I should have found that offensive(I jest of course).
I think any confusion is allure-making, and so I am afraid you’ll just have to settle for being labelled ‘interesting’ – a feat surely today.

Charles said...

I am absolutely delighted that you are a female with such wit and style I am proud of you.

Cyber Femme said...

Great post! Love the pic.

Lil' Bro said...

NOW you tell me?