March 10, 2009

Dear readers,

thank you for your kind responses to our postings.

Little did we expect them to last this long or grow to this size.

Originally, this blog was initiated to communicate my feelings to a love.

As wise men say, ‘if only we could, if only we would, if only. . .’

Nevertheless, I am happy that so many of you get some enjoyment, and or diversion out of our epistolary musings.

Ms. Edna & friends (always connected)


An equally committed fan in Holland said...

Ms. Edna
May I, since everybody else is, express my delight in your postings.

Equally devoted in San Francisco said...

Dear Authors:
More comments from a delighted follower.
Please keep posting.

a ‘West Coast’ reader said...

Ms. Edna,
I will not be able to see ‘The Incredibles’ without thinking about this blog.
And yes, I will remember, No Capes!

financial district London said...

you are the only one
given us anything to laugh about
thank you

Let’s hear it for the Los Angeles home team said...

Yes, thank you for taking the time and energy in creating and posting your thoughts.
You may not be inspired by ‘us’, but they certainly inspire me.
If for nothing more, they jump-start my workday with a smile.
Which, may I assure you, is rare at this moment.
Once again, thank you

reader from China said...

Bless the global the internet,
and the universal English language-

greetings and many thanks for your postings

Russ said...

Well, as a proud Texan, I will not be out-commented (naturally or un-naturally)

Therefore, here is my rhapsody of appreciation.
Keep it up slugger.

Always grateful in TEXAS-

Anonymous said...

Equally competitive from Dubai (the other oil patch)

For you delightful postings, my gratitude and appreciation.

Felix said...

Well, were does tiny Lichtenstein fit in?
Ah yes, I have your monies.
Edna, thanks for your posts, worth more than a picture anytime.

Mona said...

Testosterone relief from
Turks & Caicos
Thanks, Edna

Andrew said...

Déjà vu all over again, see, we French will have a word for it

I can see the internet is alive and bringing people together

Someone please, let’s hear it for cyberspace.

friend from Montreal, Canada (the French speaking part)

Anonymous said...

if only you would
you could

devoted fan (Harvard) said...

with me

devoted fan (CALTECH) said...

and me