November 09, 2008

Birthday reminiscing - The Good Ol’ Days

If you’ve lived more than forty years, chances are you’ve seen a lot of changes. In my lifetime I’ve seen the advent of the personal computer, the information highway, e-mail, the fax machine, the cell phone, 8-track, cassettes, VHS, BETA, cd’s, dvd’s, space travel,
and pet rocks.

I’ve seen changes in clothing, too. I’ve watched bell-bottoms come into style, go out of style, and come back in again. I’ve seen torn and holey jeans graduate from being a financial statement to a fashion one. I’ve seen hemlines go up, down, and even shred themselves.

I’ve seen hairstyles go from long to short to blue to purple to spiked to bald. And that’s just the women.

Body piercing used to be something you only saw on National Geographic or when you accidentally pierced yourself putting on a new shirt before taking out all the straight pins. Now people are piercing every body part the can think of. I don’t get it. I had a few spinal taps, and that was all the body piercing I needed for a lifetime.

I’ve witnessed a lot of changes on the political scene, too. I’ve seen a president impeached, a president resign, a president assassinated, and one lose his meal in a dignitary’s lap at an overseas state dinner.

We’ve traveled to the moon and we had plenty of public figures we’d like to send there.

I’ve watched dissatisfied, unfulfilled stay-at-home moms join the work force and dissatisfied career women quit their jobs to become stay-at-home moms.

I’ve seen dads become Mr. Moms when they realized that their children are only young once.

I’ve seen good changes and some that weren’t so good. Changes we’ve fought against and plenty we’ve had to learn to accept. But if life is about anything, it’s about change. We don’t have a choice in that. We do, however, have a choice as to how much we change with it.
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