September 22, 2008

Let’s talk about QUAD EIGHT

call –
you used to work for QE?
yes, many years ago
I am working on a feature and was told that you may have pictures
and some stories you are willing to share"
I might
could we get together?
we could.

We did, and talked, shared stories, opinions (plenty of them around),
and some facts (more difficult to come by).

How did you get started in this industry?

In 1964 at the end of my year sabbatical in the
United States I endend my cross-country journey in Los Angeles.
True to form I had spent all of my allowance and needed to earn my flight home.
Grandfather had been an acquaintance of Walter Bach, of Bach-Auricon,
I met with the elegant Mr. Bach, who graciously offered me a job.
At Bach-Auricon I met people from Westrex.
Early 1969 back to LA and Westrex.
To Technical Products next door,
on to Quad Eight trough Bob Mobley and

a decade on the wilder shores of the imagination!

Here are some links:

for architectural buffs here is a link to some Los Angeles sites,
Bach-Auricon included. We do practice the art of forgetting rather well in LA.

I had opened another door to the past.
This summer of 2008 has been full of unexpected surprises,
and some magic moments.


Anonymous said...

hmm, interesting

Anonymous said...

and there it is, the old stomping ground. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

well, well, well- who would have thunk it a post about Quad Eight and from one of my favourite girls to boot.