September 16, 2008

brave new world

This summer I received an innocent request to organize a reunion.
Not an unusual thing to be asked at my age.

But this was not the usual reunion either.

But a reunion of a group of people who in 1980/81 came to live
together during many month of experimental treatment for
Multiple Sclerosis.
The group’s numbers have predictably dwindled.

So, here was the specter of REUNION-

I myself have not ever attended a reunion, although I am a member of the ‘class of ‘64’.
Or thought myself as ‘getting on a bit’ (nicely put in typical English understatement).
People whom I neither know well, nor care for are urging me to face up (to what?) and act my age (is this scripted someplace?). In spite of all this unwanted advice I have still managed to avoid conventional living and thinking.
But the request has started an avalanche of memories, both happy and sad.
It brought to my attention, that I am cantering (nice mental image), not creeping, into old age.
So, I set out to ‘Linkedin’, linkup, (ouch, bad lot)((no reflection on the person that tried to contact me, please)), etc., etc., etc.
Many pleasant and some sad surprises have come to light in the past two-month.
But the positive upshot of all this folderol has been the request from my friends, and my desire, to share information, ideas, and experiences.
What better way to keep connected to a group that is scattered all over the globe.
So, here it is, you ask for it.


doris said...

Unexpectedly, I received a huge amount of enquiry’s about the experimental MS treatment. Please note that program was outside of the US. Both doctor and program are no longer.

Anonymous said...

what and interesting journey this has proved to become for you.

a friend said...

hm, food for reflection

old friend said...

just came across this. I did not know.