April 03, 2016

Ready? Set!

1. Check email.
2. Check Facebook
3. Check blog
4. Check blog statistics
5. Stare off into space and wonder why the blog is suddenly popular in both the Ukraine and China
6. Found 1099
7. Rifle through desk drawer for pass code to tax account 

8. Find photo of friends
9. Copy and e-mail
10. Compose a witty note to go along
11. Send

12. Total all the medical insurance payments
13. Query as to whether proof of medical insurance is necessary
16. See the latest news updates online
17. Click to find out the weather forecast

 18. Nope, not going to fly
19. Ditto

20. Check email
21. Wash dishes
22. Vacuum
23. Locate all the interest-paid and interest-received statements

24. Search another desk drawer. Find picture of old boyfriend
25. Google old boyfriend; he's the father of two; admire pics
26. Stare off into space; worry about the children

27. Locate dividend statements
28. Query on difference between qualified and non-qualified dividends
29. Notice that there's a London Spy review
30. Click to see if London Spy is available on DVD
31. It is. Bookmark
32. Search glove box in car for registration tax
33. Find a lost pair of sunglasses in glove box
34. Feel kind of good about that. And they look great. Score
35. Search another desk drawer for paperclip to attach car reg
36. Find sweet pea seed pack in drawer
37. Google whether it's too late to plant sweet pea seeds
38. Oh, what the heck, plant them anyway
39. Google how to plant sweet peas
40. Search tool shed for trowel. Find old hedge trimmer
41. Recharge hedge trimmer
42. Wonder why life isn't more deductible
43. Stare off into space about this
44. Check email
45. There a messages from friends . . .

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