April 07, 2013


I am, the epitome of the elegance of travel last seen in a bygone era, soigné and sophisticated, my butler “Bunter” is tarrying behind as usual, bowed under a ziggurat of  scented  monogrammed  valises made from ostriches hand reared on a diet of Jersey double cream and rose petals.
Dream on woman!

There are some things that don't travel well. Ripe cheese, jars of tadpoles and German zeppelins.  Alas, yours truly was made for travel. 

What has brought this on? Nothing other than the good fortune of an impromptu design meeting.  I love to fly by the seat of my pants, turn on a dime, or take life as it comes.  Although, I would love to have a butler.  Is it too late to put an advert in the LA Times?  Capable experienced butler required as ladies' companion.  Bar tending experience an advantage.
Barbados for three days!
Back soon you know where to send the expired Valium prescriptions and anything else.
Hotel desk if you are reading this, I'll be in the bar at 11 pm for bubbles.
Nature I salute thee.