March 21, 2013

Departing in austere times.

"I have been a most unconscionable time dying, but I beg you to excuse it."
-Charles II

It’s been a rough first quarter!  Painfully made aware of the contribution we Baby Boomers are making to an “unbalanced” federal budget I feel personally responsible and therefore shall make provisions in case I degenerate into a less than perfect senior citizen.

So, I'm designing and making arrangements for a program called let’s-go-in-style-at-age-one-0-one.  With an option to extend should I not be bonkers and a burden by that age (nothing like a deadline to motivate a decorator).  Friends say it’s absolutely top drawer and sign us up, please.

Therefore, I won’t do the customary thing and preserve the family fortunes. What I have in mind is a glorious affair: ideally one in which I can choose to discreetly expire lounging in a plush armchair, perhaps at The Diogenes Club, London?   I will still be elegant and witty, sipping from a tumbler, whilst a white haired Benedict Cumberbatch quietly reads to me from The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.


G said...

Ms. Edna,
Forget Cumberbatch!
Things may look bleak right now but with our next postwar bubble of vigorous economic growth, it should be 1946 all over again in no time.
I will be glad to read to you, softly, from my favorite novel Slaughterhouse-Five.

To Ms Edna
Carry On!

P.S. Drive safely and don’t abuse alcohol
P.P.S. drugs
P.P.P.S. candy (I know it’s dandy)
P.P.P.P.S. Postponed, postponed, postponed, postponed, keep working hard, and finish your one0one project. Incidentally I'm working on a new show, believe it or not. Goodbye and try to avoid the Internet Tidalwave.


Ms. Edna (squared) said...

at the The Diogenes Club?

G said...


I will be ex-communicated!
But yes.

C and C said...

What a great idea! We’re looking forward to a lot of humor and irreverant info.

Alan said...

Toooo late for me! I’m already an audacious and obstreperous old geezer.

Dr. Bunsen and real men who wear pink said...

Our mileage Your way.

‘lil Bro said...

Your horoscope via the downtrodden and disenchanted-
Not only will romance, adventure, and thrills refuse to come to you, they will also refuse to come to theaters near you.
Mit luff und dewotion…

Amateus Mothball said...

For ‘lil Bro a modified Irish Blessing via the downtrodden and disenchanted-
May your glass always be half empty
May the roof over your head leak like a sieve
And may you be in heaven
half an hour before I know you’re dead.
Mit luff und dewotion 2…