February 18, 2013

“I am not young but I feel young. ...

Excuse me for interrupting you Coco, but you know how sometimes if you don’t say something while you’re thinking of it, you have lost it forever? 

I’m thinking that I have been with such wonderful young people always-whatever their age.  

I used to love to talk to an old friend who lived to be over ninety.  He would sit down, take my hand and say, “You and I are good friends and I’m not trying to think of your name because I won’t remember.”  

Dear Bill.  

I have a rough time remembering when my birthday is.  Age is totally boring and so many can’t get on with it. They’re haunted by aging, by getting old.  I think it’s because of this terrible retirement thing.  If you’re through with work, what do you do with yourself?

There was an excellent write-up in Interview in which Jeanne Moreau said:

“I shall die very young.”

“How young?” they asked her.

“I don’t know, maybe seventy, maybe eighty, maybe ninety.  But I shall be very young.”

. . . The day I feel old, I will go to bed and stay there. J'aime la vie! I feel that to live is a wonderful thing.” 
~Coco Chanel

I second that.


Syl v O said...

perfectly posted

Mona said...

Ah yes, and so do I.

Charles said...

Excuse me for interupting, but ...
I really like this post.

frenchtoast said...

Excuse me for interrupting but, I hope I'm as young as you when I'm old, older, not young in years.

Anja said...

I'll toast to this.