May 21, 2012

I see your spam and raise you...

Mega spam - graceless waste.
Out of Babylon - much discussed - palm greasing.
Silky smooth - political panel - flowing oil and gas party.
Serendiptious – never ending – pan satanism.
Mind wrecking – money making - voter register.
Moeso gothic - naphthyl methyl ketone.
Mid Victorian - night warbler.
Mild spoken - mildly savored - zero valued -West Coast old timer.
Bathsheba - man eating - neutral position - day nurse.
Evening trumpet flower - double loaded.
Heart burdened - chicken hazard.
Garter snake - day husbandman.
Hand fire - stomach filling - shaft horsepower. 
(Haven't had one of these in ages! Spammers getting less creative?)


Ms. Edna (squared) said...

You beat me to it! Thanks.

Charles said...

I'm a big fan of the poetic subject lines:
"Your money, mouse-eared",
"Your health, one-humped" and so on.
Although "Your future, obstacle race" was perhaps a little close to the bone.

Yes, you beat us to it, thank you.

your gaggle of fans said...

Hilarious post,frenchtoast! That would be just about the best gravestone memorial ever. People would stop and stare and scratch their heads then wander away, muttering that line beneath their breaths, unable to stop. You’d be the first dead person to go viral, ever.

Anja said...

Blah what is this Poop wut?

ÜberDik said...

Your bed is empty? Maybe you should enlarge your little friend.

frenchtoast said...

A winning notification! Thanks.

Mona said...

Here is my most winning notification-

“just sing-up and understand that your life was suxx before.”

I'm going to start a new religion.

Galileo Galilei said...

But it does:spam.

to spam or not to spam said...

Awesome post! best post I’ve read in a while. Such a simple idea beautifully executed.

Descartes said...

I'm pink, therefore I'm spam.

Alistair said...

I have but one:spam: to give my country
THAT can never be said here!

Apollo 11 first spam on the Moon said...

Tranquility Base
the:spam:has landed

The California Terminator said...

I'll be:spamed

Rocher said...


frenchtoast said...

Frankly, my dears, I don't give a : spam-
I have seen the enemy, and it is : spam.

Bubba Clinton said...

That depends on what your definition of:spam is.

idle keyboard said...

The devil may tempt men
but:spam tempts the devil

frenchtoast said...