September 30, 2011

“We don’t care how they do it in California…”

and other uncurbed ideas and sentiments.


I enjoy notes written, well, on almost anything. "We Don't Care How They Do It in California!" was one of the quotes embroidered on towels in a cabin in Colorado. It proofed to be true.

I also enjoy needlepoint pillows with witty sayings. Like the pillow that a disgruntled girlfriend once gave to Hollywood producer Robert Evans that reads "He knows where you've been sleeping."  Needling?


& cocktail napkins-

Printed ones.  Alas, there are no "he knows where you've been sleeping" around my house.

And some truly inspired free-lanced moments...


We are only 'limited' by what we can imagine.  In Los Angeles everyone used to exchange phone numbers on napkins.  It helped me to remember where and how I met someone.  Oh, yeah, that’s the napkin with a bit of spilled salsa on it.  We met at Cugat’s while drinking margaritas.  And that red napkin there, that was from Britta’s Christmas party. 
I’ve drawn designs and, of course, I’ve jotted my share of ideas for posts on napkins. 
Many of these squares and rectangles of paper stay tucked into notebooks and files to be discovered years later…



Charles said...

Napkin doodle I got when we last visited Las Vegas…

"Lets flip a coin, heads your mine and tails I'm yours
Bellagio café at 9 o’clock?"

Thanks for the post have a “joyful” weekend too.

a blog fan said...

Excuse me.....Hi, i'm writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and i was wondering if i could interview you...