August 18, 2011

Keep your Cool ♪♪♪♪♪ シ

“Then followed
that beautiful season
S u m m e r
Filled was the air
with a dreamy
and magical light;
and the landscape
lay as if new created
in all the freshness
of childhood.”
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It was the summer of 1976. And this melodious little tune with the suggestive lyrics was playing on the radio.  “Afternoon Delight.”  A song everyone remembers by a band, Starland Vocal Band, everyone quickly forgot.
Like the heat, uncharacteristically hot that summer, Afternoon Delight soared to number one. Written by Bill Danoff, the title was rumored to have come from a spicy (risqué?) menu item of the same name at Clyde’s restaurant in Georgetown. Maybe you’ve been there. Maybe you had a little afternoon delight of your own.

all images © slim aarons

Carefree weekend wishes to you all!  Don't forget your sunscreen ! -)



Charles said...

Ah, a man can dream. Can't wait to get some CA suneshine into my old bones. Thanks I REALLY needed this. Much love-

from chilly "way down under"

Beata (baking too) said...

Oh, that takes me waaaaaay back to our tender youth.

James Furlong (toasting with sunscreen) said...

OMGoodness-Baby Boomers paradise.
From where did you unearth those Acapulco pics? PRICELESS. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! That has brought back many happy memories.

frenchtoast said...

Wow, they certainly do not built them like that anymore ;-)
you BB's had sooo much fun.

Thanks for the post, words, pics and sound -priceless!

Anja said...

Watch it!froggy prince, the cybergoddess is omnisomething.

Delicious post Ms. Edna, thanks.

Alan and Gladys said...

1978 a banner year. thanks for the memories. will dance with gladys this weekends to your tune, remembering all the good times.
much love xoxo

Ms. Capshaw ;-) said...

Yes, how kind of you to post this. These memories makes me feel young all over again. And, dear Alan, it was 1976! A year you are trying to forget my friend?
And James? Oh my, oh my, old aquaintances are re-emerging. Keep on posting who knows (heaven?) who else will toote in.

Alistair and Brandy Alexander said...

An ode to summer 1976!! How “udderly” creamy and smoothly delicious! Oh my, where is my mind going? Sights, sounds and words I have not heart since I became, well, "almost" grown-up.
Thank you cybergoddess for having sprinkled this enchanting cyberdust. Keep on posting.

Ms. Edna (squared) said...

Hmm Alistair, "Brandy Alexandre" messing up your pst! Glad you enjoyed the post.

Sinclair said...

Old flames NEVER die.
Mzz’s Edna and Capshaw. Who would have thunk it?

Evocative post. Thank you.

Ms. Edna (squared) said...

Dear Sinclair,
You are correct, old flames never die. They just flicker and fade into oblivion.
Is cyberspace not magical? Fancy finding you here!
Best to all…