June 26, 2011

“ The (39) 195 Steps” ♬

Walking in L.A. where "Nobody walks..." 

After a week of intense work, I woke up early this morning just itching for a Silverlake Stair Walk. Silverlake has many unique features including...

             ...built-in StairMasters.

On your way, you get hillside views, water vistas, old-growth trees, unique street lighting,
and  s i l e n c e, pure bliss.

One of the many reasons I love this neighborhood.

The neighbors are never dull.

Yes, I did brave this infamous incline, a 'heartbreaker' par excellence.

And yes, I was huffing and puffing up this little challenge, but ohhhh the view...

                                                                                            ...then, floating downhill to nirvana …

(wrong nirvana)

…the Silverlake Sunday brunch, heaven.

À Bientôt…【ツ】


frenchtoast said...

Thanks for the post, priceless! and the link, intersting.
Breaking-in your hiking boots? xoxo

Mona said...

Lazy sod!
I have you know that I walked ONE 1
mile this week. Indeed.

Thanks for the post. xoxo

Charles said...

We are calling this the Mona Marathon.

Thanks for the post and the link, great.

Karen (SAG) said...

We are having Sunday Brunch, what else, when my little device told me of your post. What a great Sunday delight. Ah, I like to share in your nirvanas.

Thank's from ALL OF US here @ Domenico's xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks from all the Sunday brunchers in Silverlake, Los Angeles, CALIFOR N I A!!

a Silverlaker said...

Nize, thanks...