April 06, 2011

Old School Ties and OMG Dress Codes.

I am spring-cleaning, still. Searching through closets and drawers to see what can be discarded.

I came across a stash of old neckties, bowties-my Dad’s, Rene’s and Charles’ pleasure (I can see a pattern here)-and an assortment of school ties. It's not surprising that I held on to so many over the years, since they are not exactly the kind of thing that one is inclined to throw away or send off to the jumble sale at the church. Heavens, that one should come across an unsuitable stranger wearing a friend’s old school tie!

When I attended school we were required, boys and girls, to wear uniforms. From fifth grade through graduation. The iron rule for girls was, No cleavage, NO knees, NO questions, until after graduation. None was shown, or ask, and we all graduated.

I never found the wearing of uniforms or abiding by dress codes as a girl to be an unpleasant or restricting requirement. They made my sartorial choices easier (or did away with them altogether). As an adult, I have come to appreciate that dress codes are a sign of respect for the places in which they are worn.

Alas, there was no formal dress code at college by the time I enrolled there in the mid-1960s, the wearing of a jacket and tie was expected of male undergraduates when attending university functions or other organized gatherings.

Men were expected to wear a suit, tie, and hat every day of the week. So it was until all Hell broke loose and "business casual" took over like so many canker sores.

O, and speaking of hats…I would be overjoyed should we start wearing hats again, I have a collection of those too . . . Of course you do.


Fay (SB) said...

Will take the lot!

Karen (SAG) said...

So will I.