December 12, 2010

I feel it in my fingers…

It’s getting to be the time of year when family and friends ask what I would like for Christmas. When I respond love, peace, health, and happiness, I am told that’s not the right answer—not an answer at all.

My other answer tends to be “nothing.” My philosophy is that gifts should not be given (or exchanged) on a specific day. Unless a child’s bubble will burst because he or she would definitely know there is no Santa, presents should be given when you see something that someone would love or really needs.

Taking into consideration that many of my friends are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever, December has become the ho-ho-ho month of giving—and Christmas, which has become generic rather than religious, is simply our largest commercial festival. Therefore, as I listen to Christmas music, here is a list of what I would like to receive, thank you very much.

A lifelong pass on Open Skies. That way, I could hop on a flight whenever I felt the urge. Along with a MedjetAssist policy so I be able to return to the States in the event of being in medical extremis.

Standing reservations in hotels in many places throughout the world. I always wanted to live in hotels where I could call room service.

I do love chocolate and having tasted and tested more than my fair share, those from zChocolat have a special place in my heart. One of the company’s slogans is “A single bite is an instant of pure seduction and sensory bliss one has never experienced before.” You know, the French really do have a hard time getting to the point—or writing advertising copy, but their stuff does make me weak in the knees.

This is some of what I want—and you may want as well. Feel free to ship them to me, even if they arrive late. Remember, the “twelve days of Christmas” tradition gives everybody until January 6th.

What do I really want this year? Nothing, really.

And what would you like? Let me know because you never can tell what good things may happen if you just ask.

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Frenchtoast said...

It will have to be the chocolate,xxx

Santa (Baby) said...

I have one (very drunk)reindeer will that suffice?

Bruce said...

the fiddling hut is vacant over the holidays. Aloha

Glenda (OB) said...

We can't feel it in our fingers
We can't feel it in our toes
But Christmas is all around us
Even so we frooze.

"Warmest wishes" from the frozen chateau.

C and C (TCI) said...

"Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean."

Join us for Christmas. It's toasty here.