October 12, 2010

I love Los Angeles, it can be so “unreel”.

Knocking about town only re-enforces my conviction, it is the unabashed center of narcissism, straight up and in your face, not like elsewhere where it is covert and on the rocks. I was therefore not surprised that I ran into at number of camera crews on location, shooting reality shows of people I do not know.  I thought reality shows were for D-rated celebrities in need of a last gasp career boost.

I also detect the same desperation around Talk Shows. By now, has not everyone had a spin behind a talk desk? Eliot Spitzer is up next. Saints preserve us.

Who is listening and watching all this? The Wall Street Journal just reported that Americans are watching more TV (up to 4 hours a day) rather than “trying to get a job, volunteering, exercising, or furthering their education."
That is amazing considering all these TV shows minus content.

No wonder reality shows have taken over. They are cheap to produce and horrifying to watch. Is this a perfect reflection on the State’s state? Face it; I don’t know Snooki from Sookie. Are they not all vampires? Everyone is ready to share his or her scintillating live. What lives? They think so and that is all that counts.

In Los Angeles, the need to feel and look important is necessary. We know Hollywood gave birth to that, it's the water. Now it is also an epidemic. In every public place someone is cell yelling into their iPhones to their assistants to make sure their grande soy lattes are desk ready by 9:16 am. This is a town of assistants. Everyone has one even though everyone is unemployed. In addition, all the assistants seem on the verge of being fired (ah, assistants, another reality show idea). As for actual reality show stars who can keep up. No doubt, somebody has the post game wrap up. In all of these, the cartooned rage, the sex, and the botched plastic surgeries are all over the top.

Are we all caffeinated and hooked on Adderall (an ADD and diet drug)? Dr. Drew Pinsky of Celebrity Rehab could book any pro football player up on current rape charges and cure them all of being sex addicts, wow, just imagine the ratings!!!

What does it say about a culture that must expose its tawdry underbelly and on HD? Is this sharing on steroids? Aren't we past Oprah? Even Oprah is past Oprah (by the way, I keep hearing that tons of network producers are running over to Oprah's cable venture looking for any jobs they can find).
 Have we not run out of housewives, cities, pool boys, sleazy plastic surgeons, or thug husbands? At this point viewing one more show featuring over-botoxed and shelf boob enhanced women screaming at their assistants (there's that theme again) while booking deluxe hotel suites is well…

I found out that Los Angeles has the highest density of hair salons.  A visit to a salon is always dinner, a show, and an earful.  You can end up seeing the strangest collection of notoriety.  Like Mickey Rourke and Michael Pollard (yes, that Michael Pollard) and most importantly the Govenator Ahnold himself getting his roots caramelized.  JA.  In fact, this is a weekly ritual.  Everyone adores him ... in the salon.
It is obvious, our Governor will be happy to leave office. He then can spend his Saturdays in peace and quiet happily smoking his Cuban cigars with his favorite colorist in the VIP balcony chair, without the surrounding circle of the ear plugged security brigade. Someone confessed to me, that it won’t be Arnold that will miss the governor action. He will do just fine. It will be his security team, who loved following him all around Beverly Hills every Saturday, getting all that hot attention.

It will not be the same detail work following whichever woman gets that job. Perhaps they can start a Secret Service Reality show. And why not?



Charles said...

Only you, my friend.

Roxanne said...

Dear blogger,
I cannot tell you enough how your posts were the sweetest medicine for what my aching body was going through. I have shaken off the dust and I am dancing again….
Even if it’s a slow dance, I’m dancing!
Thank you again, and again.