September 24, 2010

“No Format”

The origin of this collection lies in a statement of fact, the evidence of a refusal.

No Format. You can't be more explicit.

For the very simple reason that, either too fragile, too radical, too singular, too typecast, too elitist, too popular, too adult, too puerile, too mature, too immature, too crossbred, too recognition-demanding, too melodic, too improvised, too modern or too timeless - all the kinds of music published here would never have found room in the false musicscape manufactured by the taste-formatting logic today reigning over the record-industry. Too much, too much, too much - the average is out of scope ! Where is it, then? For, finally, it exists : that luxuriant diversity brimming over from its categories, exploding all systems.

And at the other end of the chain, you exist also, as "short-cut" music-lovers - all of you different in your confused desires for the unheard-of and the unexpected, and all similar, too, when the unknown asserts itself and, as if by magic, reveals itself the object of your most deeply-embedded fantasies...

It is precisely because you never know what you desire in advance that No Format exists today.

With no precise aesthetic orientation, but with true artistic demands; without ideological racism, but against all forms of uniformity - in an authentic spirit of curiosity with regard to others, open to all visions of the world, all poetries, all experiences and all musical expressions, No Format, a genuine breath of fresh air, does not so much fill a void as it opens a breach.

Let it carry you away !

That Manifesto is a refreshing contrast to the usual music industry PR @%*&. No Format is a French label; I don't need to tell you much more about it as their own words coupled with one of the best music websites I've seen for some time says it all.

one of my favorite albums


Clive said...

Good morning. I like. (It had to be a cello).
Now, I am happy to be here!
Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

No Format came to my attention also via their CD "Chamber Music". Recorded in Bamako, Mali, this mellow disc manages to avoid the usual over-sweetness and lack of variety that dog many kora releases. "Chamber Music" does exactly what is says in the manifesto, plus it comes with some very interesting 'no format' documentation.

Thanks, for the post.

Merci said...