August 20, 2010

Starry, Starry Nights.

This weekend I will be in Texas to sign-off  on the last project of 'twentyten'.

After the meeting I will visit a local *curandero/yerbero to collect herbal remedies that will alleviate the symptoms of an old ailment. There is a continuous tradition by the shamans to facilitate visionary states of consciousness.

Ergo, comes night, Sylvia and I will sit with the caballos and admire the stars in the **night sky …
photo by kind permission of Dr. Tyler Nordgren
…instantaneous remission.
*Curanderismo is the art of folk healing by a curandero, the healer par excellence in the folk medicine practiced by Texas Hispanics. Healers can be either male or female and may even specialize in their practice. The three most common types of curanderos are the yerbero (herbalist), the partera (midwife), and the sobador (masseur).

**The night sky has fascinated man for decades. Ancient peoples attached beliefs and myths to figures they saw in the stars. Early voyagers navigated using the night sky as if it were a map, some sailors still today, can.


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