January 01, 2010

Life, Hospitality and Exploration…

…and now let us welcome "twentyten" (where does the time go).

I have just had the pleasure of visiting an extraordinary living space, with many expressions of art happily co-existing, and I am reflecting about the qualities that enable those special sites where art and decor meet to be a setting for life.
Admittedly, possessing the judgment to amass things of aesthetic quality and the taste to take joy in them reflects a certain refinement. We all have heard stories about the lonely and eccentric collector whose treasures are stashed away and enjoyed only as a greedy and solitary pleasure. How lucky we are to encounter individuals whose collections are reflections of their involvement with interesting places and people.

I wish you all a year filled with life, hospitality, and exploration.

…the joie de vivre that all hotels should radiate,
but precious few do, the Regent Hotel, Hong Kong.

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Anonymous said...

thank you, and for you too.

#1 Santa Monica fan said...

Best to you in twentyten.
Keep on blogging, please.

Robert S. said...

I wish you the same for 2010.

p.s.: f.y.i.,the Regent has become the Intercontinental. Ah, well.

Tommy Lee and Family said...

Happy 2010. Thanks for your e-mail. We had a really good laugh.
Take care of that cold-

Peter said...

oh ja sylv great pic

Charles said...

I second that.