February 01, 2010

Don’t Charles…

…when friends are arriving
By airplane, motor, and train
Retire to bed
With an aching head
And that famous redundant “migraine”.

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Charles said...

Don’t Ms. Edna…
…if I should cook you
A dish that you haven’t enjoyed
Use that excuse
For a storm of abuse
With mothers Fitz & Floyd.


Ms Edna said...


Mona said...

Darling Charles,
Many Happy Returns.


Mona and Felix

Clive said...

Happy Birthday Charles-
sorry I will miss all the festivities.


p.s. I'm so glad somebody FINALLY answered that burning question.

Glenda (OB) said...

Happy day-
glad you made another one.

Andrew said...

See, designing circuits and writing endless sub-routines keeps your grey cells in good shape. Hope I can say the same next year.


Karen (SAG) said...

To "the one that got away"-

A Very Happy Birthday Love-

Alistair said...

Happy Birthday Landsman-

l'autre qui vous permettent de s'échapper said...

Bon anniversaire du Désert de Nevada

Anonymous said...

O la la -
not another year