May 09, 2009


Kontemplacija, Ivan Meštrović

In me you carved yourself.
How betrayed you must have felt to have discovered,
and to have been discovered by,
this separate stranger.
Had this child become an adversary?
Had she become another woman?

Even your memory is extravagant.
You were so wonderfully exaggerated,
at once terminally alien and infinitely joined.
Did that spirit transcend you?
Does it live with me now?
You lived in search of one more chance.
Was I that opportunity?


your Thousand Oaks reader said...

What a thought provoking
sentiment for Mother’s Day

UCLA said...

good morning-
thank you for your post,

Charles said...

nice Ms Edna

blogger said...

sad and yet hopeful
different post

a reader said...

wow, powerful stuff

blogger said...

complicated relationship, but interesting read

thoughtful in WLA said...

hm, I wish I had been able to come up with these lines

a blogger said...

Ivan Meštrović on blogspot-
we are evolving!!!

Cousin Juergen & Clive said...

How nice that you are, Ms Edna

Russ said...

Nice sentiment, slugger

Sylvia said...

Thank you for this

Andy said...

Hello (surrogate) Mother!
Happy Mother’s Day

Xavier & gang said...

Hello (surrogate) Mother!
Happy Mother’s Day