February 11, 2009


I am thinking of my mother.
We never ‘connected’.
So, wisely I think, we kept apart.
She appeared unexpectedly and stayed with me during my bad time.
Then, politely, she left.
In her 70th year, on Valentine’s Day, she rang to say-

“There is something I wanted to say to you when I am old.
I will say it now,
for I may not grow much older.
You have been more important to me
than any work I ever did or anything I’d ever been.
And just in case you ever think, nobody does,
I love you.”

She died two years later and left me her journals.
They revealed an exceptional human being.

on Valentine’s Day if you are with someone you love, tell them.


reader said...

wow, this is the nicest post i ever saw for valentine

Anonymous said...

i will, tell someone, thanks

a very appreciative reader said...

bravo, what a thoughtful post. Please keep posting

Anonymous said...

for just one single day
I’d choose to carry your valentine up the street.

Anonymous said...

You are a friend of mine,
my heavens valentine
Is it any wonder
that you are a Star?
Forever in my heart

Anonymous said...

Of all forms of caution,
caution in love is perhaps
the most fatal to true happiness

Anonymous said...

Love may not make the world go round,
but I must admit that it makes the ride worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

True love stories never have endings

Caltech fans said...

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."
Albert Einstein

Sylvia said...

thank you

Russ said...

thank you for your un-kitschy posting

the emotional autistic readers said...

very nice, thank you for your post