January 10, 2009

malaria dreams

I am starting the New Year with shivers. Malaria relapse. My little souvenir from our Cairo to Capetown trip in 1958. I remember the wonderful Sisters taking care of me in Stanleyville (now Kisangani) spoiling me rotten. Dad, auf course had all the good women wrapped around his little finger. Brother just vanished who knows where to for the duration.
Interesting to note, that I have not remembered anything about this trip, except my malaria dreams in the Congo, and every minute detail of Kenya. I still can recall the smells, sounds, and varied landscapes.

Karen came to visit and I embarrassed her when she realized that I do not dress for bed (upright Wisconsin upbringing).

I believe in the power of positive thinking. So dear reader, when you read this, will you send some my way?

P.S. Charles is lost somewhere along the Silk Road. Cut off from all modern communications. That must be hell for someone as ‘cyber centric’ as he is.
When I ask him, if it was not a bit dangerous to travel into these contested areas at this time he said, ‘Aw, no big loss.’ Typical Charles.


C and C (Lake Tahoe) said...

What is it with the dissertations? If Clive wants to join a debating society, have him go to Harvard, Oxford, or better yet join your cousins’ order. It will take me a week to wallow through the three postings. I much rather hear about your malaria dreams. Any chance? Speedy recovery we know you have been through this before.
We hope Charles is o.k.

Karen (Danish Babe) not from Wisconsin said...

Feel better, hope to see you soon.

Glenda, (Overseas Brat) said...

Happy New Year and a speedy recovery. I loved the dissertations!
Hope Charles will be o.k.

Reader from Kenya said...

Hope it was not one of our mosquitoes that made you sick.
Here are positive thoughts xoxoxo

Reader from Russia (with love) said...

Get better, please.

Readers from Pasadena (CALTEC California) said...

Get well and
thank you for your joyful, positive, postings.
We appreciate them (including the dissertations)
and rejoice that you are part of the blogspot universe.

Keep on going-

Citizens of Lake Wobegon said...

Positive thoughts your way
Anyway you want to receive them